No Nonsense MS Floor Adhesive

Single component flexible parquet adhesive for engineered & solid wood floors

Properties: Suitable for pre-finished engineered wooden flooring on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors. Suitable for underfloor heating.

Subfloor: Subfloors must be suitably strong, level, permanently dry and free from cracks and dust, contamination and substances which hinder adhesion. Any surface latents on anhydrite floors must be removed and vacuumed properly. Anhydrite and other dusty surfaces should be primed with a suitable primer, please contact the V4 technical department.

Application: Remove the foil. The adhesive must be applied evenly with a serrated trowel. Fit the floor on the adhesive and press down well. Apply the adhesive with a serrated trowel, e.g. 3.5mm for pre-finished engineered wooden flooring in small sizes or with a serrated trowel 4.5mm for pre-finished engineered wooden flooring in wider sizes. Make sure the back of the wood is fully covered with adhesive. The wooden floor must have weight applied during the curing process and if necessary fixed with appropriate fixings.

Drying time: Approx. 50 – 60 minutes depending on the amount of adhesive used and climate conditions. Initial hardening after 24 hours, subject to on the climatic conditions and the moisture content of the subfloor. The subfloor temperature must be above 15°C.

Consumption: Approx. 800 – 1400 gm’s per m 2 depending on the size of the notched trowel and structure of the subfloor. Storage: In original package with foil approx. 6 months. Transport and warehousing at +5°C to +25°C .

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