Why Wood’s Good

Wood’s Good is a range of cleaning products developed to clean and protect wood floors.

Wood flooring is now in most homes and is the preferred choice of flooring, it is an great investment adding value to a property and if correctly maintained, should last a life time.

There are many cleaning products on the market that say they are suitable for cleaning wood floors. Whilst they may be suitable we believe that many of these products can actually be causing damage to your floor.

Wood’s Good Natural Care and Lacquer Soap have been developed to not only clean but also to protect and nourish your floor.

There are 2 basic floor finishes which you should always take into consideration when choosing a the correct floor cleaner:

1 Oiled/ Oiled & Waxed Wood Floors

Oiled floors have always been popular in Europe and have now in the last 5 years become the most popular choice of hardwood flooring finish in the UK as well.

Floors can be sealed with coats of natural oil which is either air cured or with a UV light, some oiled floors also have a wax content. Oiled floors are ultimately tactile and retain the natural beauty of a floor. Both oiled and oiled & waxed floors can be spot repaired if scratched but will need periodic maintenance with extra oil added, the frequency of this maintenance depends entirely on what the floor is cleaned with.

Oiled floors can be cleaned with regular household detergents but gradually the detergent will begin to break down the oil and remove it from the pores of the wood leaving it dry and prone to staining from dirt and grease and everyday spills.

Wood’s Good Natural Floor Care has been developed with natural plant wax extracts which add a film of wax to the surface and help seal the pores of the wood, leaving the floor rejuvenated with every clean.

Using Wood’s Good Natural Floor Care will prolong the the life of the oiled surface of a wood floor, which means you may never need to worry about re-oiling a floor.

2 Lacquered(Varnished) Wood Floors

Lacquered floors are also a popular choice and provide a durable low maintenance surface.

Floors are sealed with coats of Lacquer which is sprayed on a cured with a UV light to leave a hard surface coating sometimes also referred to as varnish. The lacquered surface can be matt, satin or gloss and adds a deep lustre to the wood accentuating its colours and grain. Lacquered floors will not require any extra lacquer but may need sanding and re lacquering if they become too worn.

Normal household detergents can be used but can begin to erode the lacquered surface and make it dull and porous.

Woods Good Lacquer Soap is a natural low PH detergent with plant extracts and leaves a protective film which revive dull and scratched surface.